Darian Gaiman

You always have to dig deeper...

Historically, house Gaiman have been a mining family, making their fortune in the metal rich but bandit infested eastern dominance. The harsh deserts and constant fighting to protect what’s theirs made for a tough and pragmatic family. When Darian was seven, the main branch of the family moved to Luthadel, to capitilize on a newfound market for high end mercenaries and solid security. After proving their worth, their jurisdiction grew to include policing the city streets. In Luthadel, House Gaiman quickly developed a reputation for competence, and became the go to people when you needed security. Darian was the third child of four, with two brothers and one sister. As in most other noble houses, the children of house Gaiman, upon coming of age, would be force fed the allomantic metals and savagely beaten, in the hopes of the child snapping, and coming into previously latent powers. House Gaiman had a modestly impressive stable of mistings (his older sister is a coinshot and his younger brother a soother), and a scattering of others amongst the cousins, but Darian would snap into the family’s first full mistborn in living memory.

Lacking a true mistborn to teach their son, His parents used a number of different mistings instead to train his abilities. Due in equal parts to his eclectic education and personality, Darian’s allomantic powers had pronounced strengths and weaknesses. He excelled with steel, iron, and pewter, relishing the freedom and the rush of dashing through the city, narrowly avoiding rooftops, the feeling of untouchability; and also showing an uncanny talent for tin, often, much to his parents chagrin, eavesdropping and spying on his family for the pure sake of curiosity. The rest of his training failed to find as fertile soil in the fidgety young boy, due to boredom and general lack of interest.
By the time he was 18, his father, the patriarch of the house Lord Carabas Gaiman had put Darian in a position to make the best utility of his inquisitiveness. As an investigator, Darian was tasked to dig as far as possible into even the most elusive of criminal organizations. As a spy, he was used to learn the secrets of even the most untouchable noble houses. And like all mistborn, he would also be put to the use of blackmail, intimidation, and rarely assassination if necessary. He didn’t let his family down on any accounts.
Flash forward two years, Terrill Gaiman, Darian’s older brother, after years of grooming, has taken his place as watch commander, his father’s second in command. Serrice, his sister, has married the heir to House Tekiel, forming a bond with one of the most influential families. His younger brother Sanders, though young is turning a great many heads among the noble peers. Finally, Darian himself has been wildly successful in his service to the house. The four siblings have all but assured their family’s ascendency. House Gaiman was on the threshold, preparing to shake up the ten great houses by joining their ranks, a change that hasn’t been seen in generations.
Everything was amazing, until suddenly it wasn’t. Really, in a way, everything that had to happen to take them down would have been flattering if it hadn’t been so devastating. Crowds formed, and with what had to be allomantic help, where whipped into riots, and in the chaos, assassins took a shot at all three sons of house Gaiman. Terrill survived, but wounded, his right leg lamed. Darian and sanders, enjoying a rare moment, were caught in the crowds when attacked, Sanders taking a fatal dagger to the throat, and Darian forced to flee.
After the events, House Gaiman’s reputation was eviscerated. They could not even protect their own; much less keep the nobles safe and the streets from chaos. Contracts quickly dried up, leaving the house destitute, the family persona non grata. The only one to escape disgrace was Serrice, cushioned from the fallout by her husband’s family, only at the cost of cutting off all ties.
Faced with all this, Lord Carabas fell into depression, returning to the families holdings in the east, to drink away his problems. With their house ruined, their father useless, the two remaining brothers came up with a desperate plan. Each had a workable knowledge of the underworld, a hefty collection of other house’s secrets, and little left to lose; they would bring whoever was responsible to their knees. The fact that they could use this to bring their house back from the brink is really just a bonus at this point.
Darian Gaiman is an intense person. He prefers to stand, pace, stretch, anything but sit, and when forced to, it’s not for long, and he constantly fidgets. Despite his difficult adolescence, his curiosity survived intact, almost to a fault. He will always dig deeper, pushing circumstances to their limits in order to find out everything he can. Sometimes this works out, other times it leaves him in rough situations. He is arrogant, but not spiteful; it’s really not their fault if they lack his advantages. However, he has been rocked by recent events; the fact that he is not actually invincible was quite the revelation. Now, his only allies are the kinds of people he has spent the last two years hunting. Fortunately, he never did the job out of duty to the law, but for loyalty to house and love of a challenge. So for the time, he has no problems working with members of the underworld, as long as they can help him achieve his goals.
While out riding on the outskirts of the family estate with his brother planning for the future, they found a modest cottage. When they came up for a closer look, they found themselves staring at two drawn bows, one of which was being held by the most intimidating looking terrisman imaginable. Learning that he had hidden his family here, the brothers ended up recruiting him to their cause in return for their security.
During the planning stage, the terrisman, Wordek, also suggested a mercenary he had worked with in the past, an infiltrator and master of disguise, as well as good luck charm by the name of Jelman. After spending the last bit of the family’s atium to buy the contract of the Kandra DimSum, the crew was formed. While each had their own goals, their paths to the end were now intertwined.

After the events of August thieves, Darian effectively disappeared, cutting off all contact with his family and former friends. The only person who may know where he is at is lady Elena Penrod, but she too went missing, presumed to have joined him in hiding.
Figuring the best place to go to ground after becoming the second most wanted person in the empire would be the (relatively) lawless southern islands, this is where he has chosen to take his early retirement (alongside the beautiful firebrand he’s decided to spend his life with) . To stave off his increasing boredom, and help with his personal security, he has set up a network of informants stretching throughout the southern Isles. While he is vaguely aware that the madman Kelsier’s rebellion was actually successful, he has decided to remain in hiding, for the time being. However, the ever increasing number of people searching for him will eventually pique his curiosity, and will likely return to the old empire, to see what the fuss is all about.

Darian Gaiman

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